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About Nepal

The Himalayas is a beautiful country between Northern China & Southern India.It’s geographical shape is about  an area of 147,181 square klms. The population of here is aprocsimatly  28 million  and it is 40th populated country in the world. The capital city is Kathmandu. We have about  5 & half million people live in the City.

This is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.It's rich with eight of the world's  highest mountains including magnificent Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Cho oyo, Makalu, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri one, Annapurna one to Kanchenjunga range.This country offers such a memorial experience for nature lovers,mountanours & advententurs. 

This country is situated of Natural rivers,mountains,towering hills,rain forests and Terai rigen.  as well as It's a best  destination of such a rich cultures. 

We have got more than 60 ethnic group of people and over eight native language. As well as such a many mammals and Indigenoues plants.

Nepal has various peaks for adrenaline and breathe-taking adventure. These peaks can be climbed by any amateur climber or professional mountaineer with the assistance of guides and proper equipment, depending on the challenge, time and duration of climbing.

Mountaineering Expeditions:

Nepal is famous amongst mountaineers as the tallest mountain offers the opportunity to climb and explore the beauty of the Himalaya. The earliest visitors to Nepal were the mountaineers in the 1950. Since then there's been no decline in the flow of enthusiastic mountaineers.   

Trekking Equipment:

The mass trekking and climbing expeditions on trekking peaks and full-scale mountaineering is not possible without essential equipment. Therefore all kinds of trekking and climbing equipment is easily available at various shops in Kathmandu, Pokhara and in Khumbu region. The availability of trekking equipments relieves mountaineers from bringing in their own. This equipment is cheap and can be hired too.    
Restaurant and delicacies:   

Nepal is becoming the sought after holiday destination. The food quality has also improved in many ways: from fresh vegetables, cereals to packed sealed or trekking foods; one can purchase according their needs and tastes. Also, there are restaurants from small to quality local and westernized cafés. Restaurants have mushroomed serving all kinds of delicacies for the visitors.   

Leisure Tours and hikes:

Nepal is certainly a paradise with varieties of choice of leisure tours and hikes. Leisure tour offer visits to places of interest whether scenic or cultural of monasteries, temples or just to relax in hotels marveling at the panoramic views of snowcapped mountains or go on short scenic hikes for a few hours away from the metropolis to blend in with the country’s rural life.

Sightseeing Tour:

Kathmandu Valley is indeed unique. Twenty-five centuries ago it was as a large lake and the hills surrounding it were cut by the legendary Manjushree. Still many believe this to be true and is a near scientifically proven fact. The capital city is completely surrounded by a tier of greenish Mountain walls above which, to the north, tower the mighty snowcapped peaks during the winter. It consists of four major cities of great historic, and artistic and cultural interest.

Mountain Resorts:

The cool environment offers a variety of choices for the visitors to enjoy the panoramic views of mountains, be get enchanged by the natural beauty and to worship the high snow-capped mountains at luxurious Resorts.


This trip starts with a leisurely moderate walk in the comfort of topnotch mountain lodges bar with views of the snow capped Himalayas. It’s a very special trek for people who do not have the taste for adventure but are willing to take part in the outdoor life.


Rafting in the Himalayan Rivers of Nepal offers one of the most exciting thrills and relaxation in the adventurous world of water sports. Nepal has the finest rivers for rafting, kayaking and canoeing. The most prominent white water rafting regions are the eastern, the mid and the western rivers. Of these the Trisuli and the Sunkoshi are the main popular rafting rivers. These rivers are soothing, relaxing but can offer hair-raising roller coaster rides! Do not try this if you are faint-hearted! 

Mountain Biking:

Nepal offers a great diversity of terrains and climate, from the pleasant scenic rides of the tropical plains of Terai to the subtropical valleys of the middle mountains or to the more challenging Trans Himalayan zones. The areas lying in the rainy shadow of the Himalayas. The only flatlands to be found lie within a narrow strip, the southern Terai, which runs from east to west. The rest are the middle mountains with hidden valleys inhabited by a diversity of ethnic groups that are a mixture of the Indo-Aryan and the Tibeto-Burman races. You will see the contrast between tropical lush vegetation and the stark, arctic regions swept by the winds that have carved amazing forms on parched valleys of the Tibetan plateau.

Bungee jumping:

Ultimate Bungy at The Last Resort in Nepal may be the most spectacular bungee-jumping in the world! This remarkable 500 feet (160 metre) fall toward the Bhote Kosi River gorge on the Tibet & Nepal border is the longest freefalling in the world and perhaps the scariest of all. 

Pokhara is the popular place for paragliding adventure.While flying you're able to see the beautiful Valley with stunning view of mountains that are above 8000 metres with friendly and constant conditions for your paragliding holiday.We're experts,you can join us and experience the fun of flying above mountains.


Nepal offers another challenge in the raging glacial rivers for the experts in Kayaking and water sports. For a person who wants to know about Kayaking courses in Kathmandu or at Pokhara there are several Rafting Companies offering a day to a week; course. 


Canoeing is slowly gaining popularity amongst adventurous people as it can be done in  few hours with walk or hike to the waterfalls.

Jungle Safari:

Nepal's tropical, dense jungles are in the low land of Terai, which runs from east to west of this fertile country. These exotic jungles are a shelter for the most endangered species like the Gangetic Gharial and fresh water Dolphins. In one of these jungles, you will find one of the most exciting safari destinations in the world. A Safari on the back of an elephant or in a jeep to view the diverse wildlife and various different species of exotic birds will thrill anyone. Other thrills are canoe rides, jungle- walking, and bird-watching excursions in the comfort of cosy lodges built out of local material. 
Flora & Fauna Tours:

Nepal, a wilderness paradise, has much to offer apart from the high snow-capped mountain range like, 2% of all the flowering and herbal medicine plant in the world, and is rich in varied fauna and flora owing to the diverse topography and the wide range of altitude and climatic zones.
Mountain Guides:

All trekking and climbing or tours are led by well trained and knowledgeable English-speaking guides. The services of guides speaking other languages (e.g. Japanese, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Russian-Dutch and French) may also be provided with sufficient prior notice and at an additional cost. Group escorts are well versed in their related fields. From trekking-mountaineering, rafting to culture, ornithology to botany, we have the best informed guides. They work with the single-minded objective of acquainting you with Nepal-India-Tibet to the best of their ability.

The Weather Report

Nowhere in the world is the climate so distinct and diverse as in Nepal. The long stretch of the northern frontier sans smooth terrain and the tall Himalayas give an unforgettable experience. An arctic climate exists in the mountainous region whereas in the southern parts it’s typically warmer and hot. The hilly region is the ideal place as the climate is neither harshiy cold nor extremely hot.  

The year is divided into 4 different seasons in Nepal: winter, spring, monsoon and autumn. The right period to visit is during spring when the flowers are in full bloom and mountain slopes are ahve with exotic flowers. The Spring season commences from early March and continues until late May. Although days are warm and serene at times haze clouds the mountains. In late May rainfall complicates trips and tours unless you don’t mind the muddy and clogged roads!  The Monsoon lasts till late August and autumn begins in September. The leaves swirling and becoming yellow happens till November and henceforth it’s winter till the end of February. Overall, the climate of Nepal is suitable for travellers.  

Nepal has rich bio-diversity because it is uniquely geographically positioned and features amazing altitude variations. The country is sixty meter above sea level whereas Mt. Everest which stands at 8,848 meter is all within a distance of hundred and fifty kilometer thus having climates varying that of sub-tropical-alpine and Arctic.

 Feature of Nepal:

2 % of floras in the world

8 % of birds in the world (more than 878 species)

4 % of mammals on earth

11 of the world's fifteen families of butterflies (more than 500 species);

500 indigenous plants

320 species of exotic orchids


Area : 147, 181 square kilometer
Geography : Lies between China in the north and India in the South.
Capital : Kathmandu
Population : 23 Million
Language : Nepali is the national language however travel-trade people understand and speak English, French, German, Korean, Spanish. Japanese & Chinese.
Goverment : Republic with Multi- Party Democracy although political transition is still continuing.
Climate :

Nepal has four seasons:
(1) Spring,March -May
(2) Summer: June to August,
(3) Autumn: September-November,
(4) Winter: December-February.





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